When we put our heads together like this, we get a thought.

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WHERE WERE YOU??????!!!??!!?

I came home at dusk this evening and TL ran to meet me at the gate.  I mean ran.  I opened the car door and she was making a brand new sound.  I recognize her whines, her clucks and her gurgles.  This sound was that of distress.  I grabbed the other chicken from the car, (another story, maybe later) and headed for the front door.  I let in Thomas, TL and then Other Chicken and I walked in.  TL ran, not for her sink, but to my bed.  Jumped up, still making that distressed sound, and sat there for all of 5 or so minutes and relieved herself of that egg that she normally lays sometime around 11 am.  Poor thing.  She then jumped off the bed, went to Thomas’s water dish and re-hydrated, as is her wont.  She was there several minutes before she quieted down and waddled and hopped onto her sink for the night.  Whew.

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Bowling for Chickens

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Check out that worm….

now that the chicken has an eye, I realize she she looking at a worm, just off the canvass.

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soul less zombie chicken

I am in the midst of painting a chicken. (shock. awe.) and thought it would be fun to make a flip book of a chicken head painting.  i doubt i’d do it, as for every hundred ideas i have, maybe 20 are good, and 1 might be executed.


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I wanted to have a lie-in. I’ve been reading a lot of  British novels lately…  Ya know, it is Saturday, and I thought of the wind, the rain, the cold and the coziness of my bed seemed lovely.  Turkey Lurkey did not want to sleep in.  She never does.  She complained, and then complained louder.  I got up, put some shoes on, ran out fed her and the other girls.  Ran back in, jumped back in bed where Thomas and I had a morning snuggle.  He is not an overly affectionate pooch, he likes, or demands I ought to say, a couple snuggles a day.  That lasted about two minutes before TL was outside the bedroom window begging to come in.  Then she jumped up on the very narrow sill and tapped on the screen, while balancing and whining.  I gave up, ran to open the door, she ran in, jump on the bed where she has been since 7:30.  Below is the product of her endeavor.  If I were a chicken, I would find a nesting box that did not require a door knob to get to…


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Running Chick, Yellow and brown


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Wired for Sound.


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Lost Cheerleader chicken

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Portage Bay Grange at NW Flower and Garden Show

And have invited Chickasso to join them.  If you haven’t been to PBG, it is a delightful store full of great homesteading products and critters and feed.

Thank you Kevin.  Now… framing!!!

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