Meet Stupid Chicken

That is her full name, and she prefers that you use both names.  Like how I prefer Sally-Anne to Sally.  She has another name, but it has long been forgotten, due to the singularly overwhelming characteristic that this chicken is a dolt.  She is also noisy, but so much less noisy than Noisy Chicken, whom you shall meet at a later date, that Stupid Chicken seemed to be the name for her.

I have found out something that makes her almost worth not ringing the neck of.  While she does get lost in a corner in the garden, or at the watering pan, or in the open coop, or under the table, or under the Mercedes, she is quiet and seemingly less confused if sitting on my lap being gently stroked.  Just what I needed, a house chicken. Image.


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One Response to Meet Stupid Chicken

  1. sparrowriot says:

    I just laughed really really hard. You shall write a children’s book now about Stupid Chicken and Noisy Chicken please. Now!

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